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Our canned products are made with a great commitment to comply with all the quality, flavor, proteins and all required certifications.


Chunk Chicken Breast for QaliWarma:

- 170gr (105gr Drained weight) 24 cans

- 150gr (90gr Drained weight) 24 cans


We have a wide variety of products made with:

- Chicken, Turkey, Pork y Beef.

- Soup, Salads, Buffalo Sauce, etc.

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Fat Options: 7.5%, 7.8%, 8.1%, 8.6% or 9%


Manufactured with certificate systems ISO 9001. ISO 14001. ISO 22000 (HACCP). Homogenized, sterilized and canned. The product meets the minimum required cooking for public health and commercially sterile. We do not use milk powder or vegetable oils.


20' FCL = 290gr / 10.23oz = 1,115 x 48 cases

20' FCL = 320gr / 11.29oz = 1,200 x 48 cases

20' FCL = 410gr / 13.86oz = 920 x 48 cases

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Rotisserie Sauce:

Our authentic marinade sauce is all you need to get the famous "Pollo a la Brasa" with the well known around the world Peruvian Flavor. 100% Made in Perú.


Rotisserie Thermo Ecological ovens:

This oven design prevents contamination of the environment and does not generate smoke. Making it easier to clean and maintain the filters. Reducing the accumulation of fat in the exhaust duct and reducing the risk of fires initiated in this area.




We are top producer of Fresh Peeled Garlic, 100% Natural. Our garlic is Non-GMO product, Pesticide-Free.

We harvest, peeled and packaged our Garlic with an strict quality control process, to guaranteed a great product for all our local and international clients.


We have an innovative peeling process, using a dry air systems that does not affect the quality of our garlic; ensuring the freshness and taste.

we export to Any destinations


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