Peruvian Capsicum Pubescens
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Rocoto (Capsicum Pubescens) It is a great Hot Pepper native from Peru. Rocoto is a vegetable that offers nutritional and medicinal benefits as well as being a pleasant ingredient for the most demanding palate. Nutritionally it mainly provides vitamin C and phosphorus, also fiber, calcium, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin, among other elements. It is a low source of calories, 100 g of rocoto contribute 23 kilo calories, this means that it can be included in a plan for weight reduction.
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ROCOTO flavor & benefits The perfect combination of flavor and health.

Produces Endorphins: A chemicals the body releases when it is under stress or in pain. Endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce emotional stress, and offer a sense of well-being. Research suggests endorphin levels may be a factor in depression, fibromyalgia, and other issues.

Produces Capsaicin: Consuming rocoto frequently does not cause gastritis, but rather it acts mainly, protecting our gastric mucosa, studies reveal that this compound promotes the accumulation of lipids and bicarbonate thus forming a protective barrier for the stomach mucosa.

Fights Cancer and Obesity: Capsaicin increases the metabolism by up to 23% taking as a source of energy reserve fat. This effect is momentary and can contribute to the loss of calories in people who practice physical activity and follow an adequate diet of weight loss.

How hot it is?

ROCOTO potentiates the taste of any dishes and does not destroy your palate like other hot peppers (Jalapeño). It is so hot, in fact, that it borders on the extra hot category where the likes of habaneros and Scotch bonnets live. At 30,000 to 100,000 Scoville heat units (SHU) the rocoto can be anywhere from 4 to 40 times hotter than our jalapeño. It’s much hotter than its close cousin, the manzano chili (12,000 to 30,000 SHU), so while these two peppers share a similar look, note you could be in for a spicy surprise.

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Without rocoto Peruvian food is missing a foot. It's that simple. It is used in almost everything, even if it goes without the spicy part (Peru consumes more than 17 thousand tons per year). Its herbal flavor, tasty, friendly steals the palate, stomach and heart to everyone making it an essential part of all seasoning.

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